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Government is the problem

Date: 2/20/2012

February 20, 2012

In the recent Reminder, you gave your approval for the tax on candy that has been proposed by the Patrick Administration. You rationalize it by stating that it is such a small amount.

The amount is not the point. The point is that politicians will spend what ever they can squeeze from the taxpayers.

The problem is that it's never ending. If they could get away with taxing us at 100 percent, they would. Additionally, they always try to justify "this" increase by telling us how dire our economic condition is, or that if we don't "make a small sacrifice," police and teachers will be laid off.

My question is why is it always the tax payer that needs to sacrifice? When was the last time the politicians made a sacrifice? Let them take a 10 percent pay cut in salary or per diem. Let them give up some of the perks such as the cars, gas cards, toll cards, health care, retirement benefits, etc.?

The politicians created the mess by spending and then have the nerve to come to us to bail them out? Reagan was right. Government IS the problem, not the solution.

Don Crossman

East Longmeadow

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