Gun control won't stop shootings

Date: 8/6/2012

When the shooting was first reported we knew virtually nothing as to the perpetrator, motive, nor the extent of the danger. Yet within minutes the same old citizen disarmament lobby said we needed more gun control laws.

The real goal is citizen disarmament, and they want to disarm you because you are easy to find and you obeyed all of the registration laws. Etc. Etc.

They support anything that gives the gun owner a difficult time. How does an increased license fee stop crime? A person was denied a license because he put a loaded shot gun on his pickup truck in the 1920's. How does this stop crime?

The discussion of the crime will be limited to access of guns, not mental illness, nor the use of money and status to hide a history of mental illness. The discussion will not include the repeat offender phenomenon. It will not include a history of minor crimes leading up to a major crime. The debate about gun control is as the name implies, a debate about guns, not violent people.

Statistics can be misleading. If you shoot and kill a person who has invaded you home, it will be counted as a homicide.

Robert Joseph Underwood