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Keep these candidates in mind

I am writing to remind voters that there is more at stake in the Democratic Primary on the 19th of September than just the Governor contest.

Voters have an opportunity to shape the future of Massachusetts politics by voting in at least three important contests.

For Governor, I recommend Deval Patrick. He has a progressive agenda that looks to the needs of working people. He supports quality public schools, clean air and clean water, alternative energy programs, reduced property taxes and fair law enforcement. For further information on his candidacy, please visit:

For Secretary of State, I recommend John Bonifaz. His credentials for the progressive vote are manifold. He supports clean elections and easier voter registration requirements. He wants to make public financing of elections the rule in Massachusetts. If we do not do this, we will continue to see multi-millionaires financing their elections with no accountability to the voters.

For Governor's Council, I recommend Peter Vickery for re-election. He is a dedicated public citizen and has served the Western Massachusetts with distinction. With Peter Vickery in office, we can continue to count on reliable representation of the progressive politics of Western Massachusetts.

My appeal is mainly to progressive voters, but honest moderates and decent conservatives can find merit in these candidates as well.

Please keep these three in mind for the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 19th.

John J. Fitzgerald