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Kudos to the treasurer

Date: 9/26/2013

As a Chicopee resident, it was very interesting to read a record low interest rate will allow the city to borrow more than $8.5 million in as short-term bond to pay for part of the new senior center, flood control projects and other work being done this summer.

We, the citizens in Chicopee owe all of this to our retiring City Treasurer Ernest Laflamme. For Chicopee to receive an interest rate of 0.139 percent for a three-month loan from T.D. Securities is a testament and a tribute to diligence and energetic application of a truly remarkable treasurer.

For too many years, other city officials have falsely assumed credit for Laflamme’s accomplishments. It is high time the residents and the city officials honor the many years Laflamme persevered on our behalf.

Joseph Lukasik