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Letters from July 20th edition

Feels pain

Mr Dobbs, the article you wrote in The Reminder, July 13,2005, publication was right on target. I purchased a mobile home in a senior park right next to Wal-Mart in Springfield. I knew I would have to deal with the traffic and that doesn't bother me.

Every day of my life I deal with music coming from the parking lot so loud that even with my a/c on and the TV blasting much louder than is appropriate and the music just beats right through my walls. Talks with the store manager and a visit to the police station to speak with the Community Relations person there has done little to remedy the situation.

Also, I pick up trash every day that people throw in the parking lot and ends up in mine.

I feel your pain.

Mike DeCarolis


Looking for scrapbook

We had a tag sale at 914 Front St., Chicopee, last week and someone bought my scrapbook, plus many loose pictures and a picture album also.

These were not for sale. This scrapbook and pictures cover 55 years of my sporting life. They were to be passed onto my grandchildren.

If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please contact me at 592-5441.

It is possible that it was mistakenly taken when someone purchased the bureau they were in.

Norman Cournoyer