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Liberal media on the way out

Date: 7/28/2010

In spite of the summer heat, membership in the Pioneer Valley Tea Party groups continues to grow. The ongoing mockery and dishonest reporting springing from the national and local liberal media is not only not stopping the advancement of conservatism, but adding fuel to it.

The sting of mockery had, for decades, been the main tool used by liberals in controlling and stopping the grass roots voice of the people, but it appears that those days are over.

In the past twelve months viewership at CNN and MSNBC has been plummeting while membership in the National Tea Party has been skyrocketing. This phenomenon has much to do with credibility. A quick glance at a local Tea Party standout or a brief chat with one of the Tea Party members tells passersby that they are just ordinary, concerned people and the liberal media is not telling the truth about the Tea Party Movement.

What other fibs are the liberal media trying to foist upon us is a common reaction of passersby who pause to chat with friendly tea partiers. The liberal press (nationally and locally) continue to lose credibility as the general public appears more than ready to embrace reality and shake off deception. No matter how tetchy or cantankerous liberals in the media get, they will have to come to the realization that their ability to control the general public through mockery and dishonest reporting is coming to a swift and well deserved end.

William Santy