Libertarians and fireworks

I think you misunderstood Libertarian philosophy regarding fireworks and noise.

Most Libertarians would allow the sale of fireworks.

That doe not mean that people would be allowed to use them negligently. It does not mean that one could fire them into someone else's yard. All that needed to be addressed is the negligent and criminal use of fireworks. But the busybodies in the Legislature passed a law against all private fireworks. This

generated the situation you describe where the police are inundated with fireworks calls. But doesn't make you want to run out and vote for the guy who made all fireworks illegal?

Now we have the "noise" problem. In reality is not really noise in many cases. It is low frequency sound that is shaking walls, windows, harming people, and harming animals.

Most Libertarians would say that you have the right to defend yourself against such an assault, even if the city and the police refuse to protect you. If anything it is the classic example of what we are campaigning about where government takes your money and refuses to protect you. So what if

after the cops refused to do anything about the assault you took an ax and smashed the sound system. Would the cops continue to make excuses as to why they would not intervene?

On a lesser level those who merely play loud music are also tyrants. They are determining for you what music you will listen to. But while you are being assaulted with loud noise, are you not impressed with the reports of arrests for prostitution and marijuana smoking?

Robert Joseph Underwood Springfield