Look beyond liberal bias

Date: 10/17/2011

Mr. Dobbs: As usual you are on the wrong side of an issue concerning Mr. Obama. If you could look beyond your liberal bias for a moment, you could objectively look at what Mr. Williams was saying. He was not comparing Mr. Obama to Adolf Hitler the man, he was saying Obama and Boehner are on completely opposite ends of the political debate. I will agree that any reference to Hitler and another human being is using very poor judgement, but I don’t recall any outrage on your part when Nancy Pelosi compared the Tea Party to “Nazis” when they were marching on D.C.

You and your fellow progressives are very thin skinned when it comes to any criticism of Mr. Obama. The “utopia” that was promised has not appeared. The record of this president cannot be defended, so you and your fellow pundits resort to shooting the messenger. I suppose that when and if Mr. Obama is not re-elected in 2012, all of us who will not vote him will be tagged with the familiar “racist” label.

Derek Kumpulanian


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