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Mocks Markey's, Malloy's Manipulation

Date: 3/22/2013

[Congressman Edward] Mark[e]y has promised to "get tough" on guns, meaning sportsmen. He then cites the Sandy Hook shooting showing a need for more background checks. Of course, we already have background checks. He did not comment on the four years in prison a couple of people received for an armed home invasion. Nor did he comment on other lightly punished crimes in Massachusetts. I suppose it is more comfortable than talking about his support of the North America Free Trade agreement, or his support of outsourcing and imports, which are causing unemployment. The unemployment is probably causing a few people to have mental breakdowns. I presume Markey still remembers Introduction to Sociology.

The Sandy Hook shooting is still under investigation at this late date. Maybe the Connecticut State Police want to do a thorough job, which is more than I can say for Gov. Dannel Malloy who like Markey, is taking to the stage over the incident.

No one is addressing the common links of mental illness and in some cases common drugs being taken by many of the mass shooters. We are assuming that each one is occurring in a vacuum. What if they are not? I had someone tell me "This incident turned me around," meaning in favor of gun confiscation. This type of person is easy to manipulate. Simply orchestrate some horrendous incident until he votes your way.

Robert Joseph Underwood