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Norcross Heroes

All East Longmeadow residents have witnessed the transformation of the Norcross House and Carriage House at 89 Maple Street from the neglected ugly duckling to the beautiful "Norcross Yellow" swan. However, many people are unaware of the resident heroes that made the transformation possible.

At the onset of the fifth year of the Norcross Center, the Board of Directors wishes to thank those members of the community that had the courage and insight to support this project from its inception. These donors assured that the mortgage would be paid by pledging to contribute a specific amount annually for the first five years, thus freeing up fundraising efforts for renovations and restoration.

These honored contributors have been named The First Founders of the Norcross Center. They will be honored at a dedication and reception at the Norcross Center on May 4.


PLATINUM DONORS: Those donating $1600 per year for the first five years. Christopher Carr, Ernest Gralia, III and family, L. James McKnight.

GOLD DONORS: Those donating $400 to $1600 per year for the first five years. Sheryl and Peter Fessenden, Merle and Dean Safford, Judie and Connie Wiezbicki, Barbara and Peter Ernst, Karen Marsian and Kevin Sweeney, Sandra and James Davis, Mary and Ronald Turnburg, Theresa and Michael Potito, Mass. Mutual Matching Grant, GlaxoKline Smith Matching Grant.

SILVER DONORS: Those donating $200 to $400 per year for the first five years. Ruth and James Connor, Jeane and John Connor, Steve Forbush, Cheryl and James Sheils, Ann and John Moulton, Donna Nardi, A. W. Brown, Big Wind Corp, Jay Lefebvre.

BRONZE DONORS: Those donating $100 per year for the first five years. Linda Abrams, Matthew and Dana Bean, John L. Bonavita, Loraine Boucher, Sandra and Peter Burns, Ann and Ralph Butler, Betty Bruce, Christine and Mark Callahan, Arnold Christianson, Barbara and John Claffey, Daphne and Gary Delisle, Dorothy and John Dineen, Joann and David Dirico, Susan and Albert Grimaldi, Gloria and Richard Hammond, Marjorie and Horace Haunton, Bonnie and William Hill, Barbara Hobbs, Linda and David Kern, Knights of Columbus #4306, Paul Lane, BethAnn and Thomas Latsko, Gail and Stephen Manning, Foy and Ramond Miller, Thelma Ratner Trust, Laura Failla Reilly, Peter Punderson, Ruth Owen, Marilyn and Norman Richards, Dean Safford, Dr. Scannell and Hollinger, Ellie and Alvin Seligman, Dawn and Sid Starks, Beverly and Robert Steele, Mary and Tom Sherry, Ruth and Harry Swanson, Edith and Chester Sweeney, Mary and Daniel Swords, Irene Tarnowski, Concetta and Michael Torcia, Gayle and Richard Turnberg.

The need for support of the Norcross Center continues. If you would like to join previous donors in support of the Norcross Center and its programs, please visit the website at or write to Norcross, P. O. Box 532, East Longmeadow, MA .

Judy Wiezbicki

East Longmeadow