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In mid-November 2007 the Longmeadow Select Board approached the citizens of Longmeadow with a proposition. Approve a $2,150,000 mid-year override now, and we will not come back for another override in FY09 and FY10.

The citizens responded with approval and so the override was voted on and passed. We now pay the extra tax in exchange for no overrides for two more years. We kept our part of the bargain. In what has become routine, Longmeadow has not fulfilled their obligation.

On March 6 Robin Crosbie presented us with her FY09 budget with an 8.21 percent increase over FY08. Under the rules of Proposition 2 1/2 because they are looking for an increase greater than 2 1/2 percent this budget must go to the Town Meeting to approve the override. Override? I thought William Scibelli, Selectman, promised no overrides for FY09 and FY10 if we accepted the November $2,150,000 mid-year override. I remind Bill about this deal with the public and his statement that it's difficult for him to keep coming back yearly to ask for more. (You can check the tape.).

Robin will have to adjust her FY09 budget figures to not exceed by 2 1/2 percent FY08 figures so as to avoid an override as promised.

Sam Altman