Responds to editorial

This is just too much!

"The Republican" editors, who are obviously in the tank for close friend Charlie Ryan, have stepped over the line. Sunday's editorial is a tremendous insult to the intelligence of readers. The editors write of their disappointment in Domenic Sarno's campaign. They claim to have been pleased when Sarno entered the race. These claims are literally incredible (i.e. having zero credibility).

The editors feigned disappointment involving the Mayor's continuous difficulty with minorities, something that has been an issue in every Ryan term including his three terms in the 1960s. The editors claim that Sarno's use of this issue is not fair, essentially parroting Mayor Ryan's reaction. Where have the editors been? Mayor Ryan may be a fine man and a good citizen, but he's a very negative campaigner. He takes everything personally and his first reaction to criticism is always to attack the messenger. Domenic Sarno has always been supportive of and helpful to Charlie Ryan. I have attended a number of functions at which Mayor Ryan sang the praises of Sarno. But as soon as you go from supporter of Charlie Ryan to opponent of Charlie Ryan, you become incompetent, unqualified, etc.

Domenic Sarno is a very good man and he is clearly part of Springfield's future. Mayor Ryan, also a good man, is nontheless clearly part of Springfield's past. It's time for Springfield to move forward and to reject old style dirty politics. Mayor Ryan needs to stop attacking everyone who criticizes him. He has a serious problem with race and ethnicity in his administration. He needs to deal with it and not continue denying it and blaming everyone but himself.

The continued tenure of the Control Board means that the Mayor elected this year will not possess the full powers of the office. Springfield voters should see this as an opportunity to elect a Mayor with potential, not just a past. As we get past the Control Board years, Springfield needs a good listener in the Mayor's office. Mr. Ryan is not a good listener. It's his way or the highway. Dom Sarno is a very good listener and will be a fine mayor.

Jerold J. Duquette