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Vote YES for Preservation Act

Longmeadow is always searching for additional revenue sources. The Long Range Planning Committee identified new revenue sources as a key to Longmeadow's future. The Select Board and the School Committee have creatively found new sources over the last few years. Unfortunately those increases have usually been in the form of higher fees paid by town residents for services previously provided at no charge. On June 6 Longmeadow will have an opportunity to increase its revenue with only a small investment by town residents by adopting the Community Preservation Act.

The average homeowner will pay an additional $40 per year in taxes. In return the state will match the total amount collected under the Community Preservation Act. An immediate 100% return on our investment! We can potentially generate $470,000 in revenue per year with half of that being provided by the state. The act also provides exemptions which minimizes the impact on low income households and seniors.

The money collected can be used annually or saved for future needs. The possible uses of the funds include preserving open space, renovating the community house, upgrading playing fields, and modifying homes of seniors so they can continue to live at home, along with other possible needs. Uses of the funds will be recommended by a committee of residents and approved by town meeting.

Longmeadow has an opportunity to increase its revenue at minimal cost to provide funds for real needs of our town. I urge everyone to vote YES for the Community Preservation Act at the election on June 6.

Bill Hoff