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Water flow, jobs and freedom from dependence on oil

An open letter to the Presidential candidates on how to put people to work and control the flow of water:

The Presidential candidate must be an innovator. He must use precedents from prior administrations.

One of the greatest precedents is the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Hoover Dam. This is how to put people back to work without promising that you are going to generate more jobs, but tell public how you're going to create more jobs. He must give details to influence the voters.

Along the interstate highways there is ample room to put in an aqueduct pipe below the freeze line. This would become an aqueduct system throughout the United States to deliver water to any arid area that is suffering a drought. We need the farmers to grow corn and reduce our dependence on oil.

All one would have to do is to turn the spigot on from a water source and deliver the water to that stricken area.

How do we pay for this? It is simple we form a body politic corporation. We sell bonds to the public. The bonds pay interest either tax free or taxable as the market conditions will provide. Wall Street will advise. Get input from former Secretary of Treasury, Mr. Rubin.

We now put people back to work. They dig ditches. The pipe manufacturers manufacture pipes. The workers pay social security taxes, withholding taxes, and have money to purchase and pay rent and perform other expenditures, pay bills and avoid bankruptcy.

When each regional project is completed, it is sold to the public either by a new corporation or sold to an existing utility.

This should be done by regional corporations throughout the United States near water resources.

The system can also be used to control flood waters and prevent disasters by directing the flow of water to reservoirs.

Leonard S. Michelman