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We make our own decisions

Mr. Dobbs, Congratulations!

You have stated what most people in America will not discuss.

We as Americans have individual choices. When we choose to buy an item that is manufactured in a foreign country we have chosen between putting Americans to work or foreigners. It's not only pants, it's Toyota's made in Japan vs. a Chevy made in Detroit, it's any cell phone that's not a Motorola, it's flying on an airline that buys foreign Airbuses instead of Boeing aircraft made in Seattle.

American manufactures have been forced to move thier factories to foreign lands in order to cut the cost of their products so Americans will buy them. It cost Chrysler $1,500 less per vehicle because all Canadian built cars don't have health care built into them.

A carrier USA built airconditioner cost hundreds more than a cheap import.

We as Americans have done this to ourselves. It's not NAFTA, it's not big business, its our personal decision to make. If we don't care where an item is manufactured we lose. We all should ask ourselves the same question that you had the courage to raise.

Leo Leary, Springfield