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A big 'thank you' to readers who helped out

A recent appeal to readers of Reminder Publications' weekly newspapers resulted in a commercial van full of essentials for our veterans who live at the Soldiers Home in Holyoke. An outpouring of generosity resulted in plenty of personal care items, clothing items, books, movies and VCRs. Thank you for helping us make this drive a success, and for showing your support for our veterans! Reminder Publications photo by Sarah M. Corigliano
By G. Michael Dobbs

Managing Editor

All of us at Reminder Publications want to thank the people who made donations to the Open Pantry food drive we sponsored (over 3,000 pounds of food) and to the effort to help the residents of the Soldiers Home in Holyoke.

Sarah Corigliano and I loaded up the Reminder Publications scary white van with the many donations of clothing, books and toiletries and delivered them last week to the Home. The veterans need such items and all of us thank you for the generous response.