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#12 Jonas Almtorp

Jonas Almtorp is in his first season of professional hockey after playing in his native country of Sweden last year. Almtorp was recently recalled from the Falcons' ECHL affiliate, the Stockton Thunder.

Question How have you adjusted to life in North America?

Jonas Almtorp It's been good, each day gets a little more comfortable and the players on the team have been great. Just trying to enjoy every day and get better on the ice for the Falcons.

Question You also spent some time in the ECHL this year, how do you compare the ECHL with the AHL?

Jonas Almtorp There is a difference, I think the players are that much more focused at the AHL level because they are only one step away from the NHL. The ECHL is still very good, I was happy to play some games in Stockton, was able to play a lot of minutes and get myself ready to come back to Springfield.

Question What did you think of the fan support in Stockton, they average nearly 8,000 fans a game?

Jonas Almtorp They love their hockey in California I guess, they draw very well, but we have great fans here in Springfield also.

Question What was it like to be drafted by the NHL's Edmonton Oilers?

Jonas Almtorp It was huge for me, great day for my family. You always dream about playing in the NHL and getting drafted is the first step.

Question Growing up in Sweden, who were some of your idols?

Jonas Almtorp Peter Forsberg and Markus Naslund were the top two for me.

Question How nice is it to have a fellow Swedish born player on the team in Fredrik Johansson?

Jonas Almtorp It works well because it allows us to speak Swedish once in a while. It's always nice to have someone from your home country on the team. Makes the transition that much easier.