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#22 Ryan O'Marra

Question - You recently had a quality match-up with the AHL's top team, the Providence Bruins, how was that game?

O'Marra- We battled hard for 55 minutes and we just had a bit of a lapse. We had penalty troubles. I took a holding penalty myself. It's just been tough. We have to find a way to be more disciplined and be focused for the whole 60. But at the end of the day we battled hard and we've been battling hard and thats one of the best teams in the league so we have to be proud about our effort.

Question - You've been in a bit of a swoon here as of late. What's it going to take to turn it around?

O'Marra - Well I think it'll obviously take the discipline factor. We have to limit our minor penalties. I think we just have to keep sticking to the game plan like we have been. Keep battling as hard as we have been and hopefully we'll continue that effort for the whole 60 minutes and have other guys besides Rob Schremp contribute. I know myself, I missed an empty net last game. I think if we get some goals from our 3rd and 4th lines we'll be rolling over teams as opposed to losing games by a goal.

Question - World Junior Hockey Championships wrapped up recently and Team Canada won for the 4th consecutive time. You were a part of two Team Canada Championship Teams, were you watching the out of town scoreboard?

O'Marra - Yeah, I was paying attention. I sent an email to one of the players. It's honestly one of the most memorable experiences you'll ever have. It's really special back at home in Canada. All of those guys should be really proud of themselves.

Question - How would you compare junior hockey to the AHL level of play?

O'Marra - Well it's a completely different game. I mean you're playing against Europeans. It's on a bigger ice for the most part. It's very fast. The speed is fairly comparable. Most of those guys are going on to bigger and better things as well. I think if you look at our Team Canada roster last year I think 5 or 6 of those guys are playing in the NHL. You look at some of the guys that were on that team and the level of play is pretty high. So I can say it's fairly comparable but there is that experience factor and this is probably still a higher level in the AHL.

Question - Now let's talk about being reunited again with another team Canada member here in Springfield - Devan Dubnyk - goaltender of the Falcons.

O'Marra - Yeah, Doobie and I were on the same team for Team Canada and that was a special experience in itself because it was in Vancouver. You can ask him - to be a part of that you'll never forget it. You don't truly grasp how special it is until after the fact and your looking back. For me anyways, watching a tournament I couldn't be a part of it tears at you a bit. You wish you could have been there but you're proud of the guys who are there.