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Adversity defines one's character

Someone once said, "adversity defines one's character!" The Springfield Falcons are about to test that theory in the last six weeks of the season.

The young, inexperienced Falcons must put behind them the last month, where, although some progress was made, they played just well enough to lose most nights. One goal losses can wear thin on you and these young men are no different than most in the same situation.

With 18 games remaining in the season, it is about finding a way to play hard each and every shift knowing that in the standings, there is nothing to play for. On the contrary there is plenty to play for. First and foremost, it is our job, and with that goes the commitment to give 100% every time we go to work. At the same time, many of our players do not have a contract for next year, so these players are showcasing their talents to our Tampa Bay scouts as well as the other 29 NHL team's scouts that frequent our games. Add in some personal pride in what you do for a living and you can see, there are many good reasons to finish as strong as you can, no matter what you have done to this point in your season.

Our young prospects (Ramo, Smaby, Rogers, Jones if sent down) must work hard at their trade right to the end, so that they can continue to develop as they work towards their goal of playing in the National Hockey League in the near future.

The diehard Falcons fans have stuck with us to this point, so I am hoping that they will stick with us to the end. Even through tough times, these young men have been giving you what they have...unfortunately, it has not been quite enough.

.Until next week, Coach Stirling